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We provide premium metals, components, and services emphasizing sustainability and responsibility.

At California Metals, we are committed to promoting and supporting the growing demand for environmentally responsible metal solutions. We optimize the utilization of clean energy metals throughout the entire manufacturing process, enabling our customers to strengthen their commitment to a more eco-friendly supply chain. Our advanced green metals portfolio includes clean aluminum, clean steel, and clean titanium, all meticulously crafted in a sustainable production setting. With these solutions, we empower our customers to reduce their environmental impact while meeting their business needs with the highest standards of quality and performance.

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Sustainable, responsible, and impactful

At California Metals, we recognize the growing importance of clean energy and responsible sourcing, and we prioritize these elements to meet our customers' evolving demands. Our sustainable metal production methods facilitate substantial CO2 reduction without compromising quality, aligning with the global push towards eco-conscious practices. As we strive for excellence, we adhere to and surpass industry standards such as AS 9100, ISO 20400, and ISO14001:2015. By continuously raising the bar for sustainability, we contribute to shaping a greener future for the industries we serve while fostering a culture of innovation and environmental responsibility. With our commitment to excellence and sustainability, we enable our customers to achieve their environmental and business objectives while reducing their environmental footprint.


Global manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution footprint

We proudly serve a diverse clientele that includes OEMs and Tier 1 organizations across a broad range of industries, from automotive, defense, to aerospace and space, marine, and luxury goods. Our clients trust us for our expertise in green metal technologies and clean energy metals, which enables them to enhance their manufacturing processes and achieve their sustainability goals. Our innovative and environmentally responsible materials provide drop-in solutions to your existing requirements and specifications. Some example projects would include lightweight components for fuel-efficient vehicles, corrosion-resistant alloys for marine applications, and temperature resistant sub-systems for aerospace. By providing these solutions, we help our clients reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to a better future.


Reliable, effective, and certified

We are a female-owned global enterprise that takes pride in our diverse and skilled team of experts in various disciplines. We work collaboratively with our trusted partners and suppliers worldwide to ensure supply chain certainty and deliver top-notch green metal solutions to our clients. By prioritizing customer-centric criteria, including sustainability, quality, cost, and time, we ensure that our clients receive exceptional service and sustainable metal solutions. Our commitment to excellence enables us to meet our clients' environmental and business objectives while delivering the highest standards.


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